Re: Simple Vector file format for Web?

Ian Duncan (id@CC.McGill.CA)
Mon, 31 Jul 95 22:19:53 EDT

On Mon, 31 Jul 1995, James Whitescarver wrote:

> The beauty of NAPLPS was that supported variable precision, so that the
> number of bits you want or what you can display are presented. Unfortunately
> it has never been utilized to take advantage of that capabilitiy.

The resolution independence of NAPLPS (or Telidon as I originally knew it)
has been quite widely used just as similar functionality is in Postscript.

I'd rediscovered an affection for this standard for a few moments a while
back with a view to having a Web'ed derivative. I was unable to scare up
anything that resembled a useful, portable parser/renderer or find much
enthusiasm here where I'm working--a remanent of the organization that
originally developed it, the Dept. of Communications of the gov't of

I wish you luck. given it's roots in US-ASCII I'd even considered the
possibility of something like "text/html; charset=NAPLPS" getting of the
ground. Feh.

    Ian Duncan <id@CC.McGill.CA>