Re: Link Terminology

Murray Altheim (
Tue, 1 Aug 95 14:08:46 EDT

> said:
>> I suppose this type of thing could be the start of a religious war,
>> but I'm a little confused as to the new "head" and "tail" terminology
>> in describing link relations.
>You're making the mistake of thinking of a link as a chicken.
>Think of a link as an arrow. The head of the arrow (the pointy end)
>is at the target anchor, and the tail of the arrow (the end with the feathers)
>is at the source anchor.
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I don't mean to quibble, but the head of a chicken is the pointy part too.
The first part of the arrow to pierce the target is the arrowhead, just as
the first part of the chicken to reach the snake's stomach is the
chickenhead. I get your point though. It was just this confusion that I was
trying to address.

I've hashed this over with Dan and agree that the target audience for the
HTML specification is a skilled pool of implementors, not the lay public.
He makes the very correct point that it is better to educate those as
myself to the correct terminology of the established discipline than it is
to make up wholely new terminology.

And I'm sure he has more important things to work on than discussing chickens.



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