Re: Is LANG appropriate for non-human languages?
Wed, 2 Aug 95 15:29:28 EDT

Microsoft has come up with a very non-HTML way of handling this. Ths MS
browser supports <FONT face="whatever">. This allow things like <FONT
face="windings"> abc </FONT> to be used to access the dingbat font from from
their browser. When displayed abc is rendered in the windings charset instead
of the html standard latin charset. The HTML solution would be to use numeric
char refs from ISO10646 to describe the dingbat characters.

So if you have a font for the International Phonetic Alphabet you can use the
MS browser to see your text. Of course your page will look like giberish on
any other browser and platform. Netscapism's are bad for HTML but this is
going to be worse.

Jon Smirl