non-ascii markup? [was: NAME as ID ]

Daniel W. Connolly (
Wed, 2 Aug 95 18:51:55 EDT

In message <>, Ian Graham writes:
>Yes, this would be a Good Thing in terms of current and likely
>future multilingual use. It is often convenient to give IDs
>a semantically meaningful name, in the appropriate language.
>This means that a linkName should allow either entity names or
>non-ascii position characters (or both), neither of which are
>possible if linkNames are NAMEs.

Hang on... you're talking about non-western writing systems inside
attribute values? I hope not. I don't expect the _syntax characer
set_, i.e. the coded character set used for markup (including
attribute value literals) of HTML ever to be anything other than ISO
646 IRV (aka 7 bit ASCII).