Re: draft-ietf-html-tables-00.txt

Thu, 3 Aug 95 14:55:10 EDT

> The BORDER attribute for defining border styles for tables is in direct
> conflict with Netscape's use of the BORDER attrib to control the border
> width. There are 1,000's of existing documents expecting the Netscape
> convention. Should this conflict be avoided?

Netscape knew that this could happen when they decided to implement
something out of a (now expired, I believe) discussion draft. So did
the users -- like me -- who decided to mark up tables that way and put
them out on the Web. I knew when I put a few thousand tables out on
our server that I had to be ready to change them all to keep them in
sync with a specification under development. Of course, since we use
style sheets to generate the tags, implementing a change across an
unlimited number of instances takes about five minutes; and, of
course, I deliberately confined the markup to a minimal set of tags
that appeared likely not to change and is consequently not affected by
this inconsistency between the old draft and the new one. But that's
not the point. The point is that you had better know what you're
doing when you start playing with moving targets or you should confine
your efforts to what's specified in finalized standards. To operate
any other way would be to say that the standard is whatever gets
implemented first.


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