Re: Globalizing URIs

Larry Masinter (
Thu, 3 Aug 95 15:06:44 EDT

I said:

>This convention requires no changes to the HTTP or URL standards.

and you said:

> Well, this is where we disagree. I think there should be a *standard*
> way to send this information, so as such, the *standard* does require
> changing.

But what you are saying is that you want to establish some additional
constraints; you're not asking to invalidate the current
implementation of all current web browsers and servers, are you? Your
additional constraint could be expressed as a 'usage profile': How
should systems whose system character encoding is Unicode represent
names of files as octets in Internet protocols that are expecting file
names as a sequence of octets. This additional standard goes well
beyond HTTP, HTML; for example, MIME documents with
content-disposition: file; name="xxxxxx" might also use that same

I suggest that you write this recommendation up as a separate document
outside of URL, HTTP, HTML and bring it forward as an informational
RFC. You'll probably need to get serious review by the implementors of
Internet protocol stacks for Unicode-based operating systems.