Re: draft-ietf-html-tables-00.txt

Scott E. Preece (
Thu, 3 Aug 95 15:52:20 EDT

From: (Amanda Walker)
| > The BORDER attribute for defining border styles for tables is in direct
| > conflict with Netscape's use of the BORDER attrib to control the border
| > width. There are 1,000's of existing documents expecting the Netscape
| > convention. Should this conflict be avoided?
| Only if it's IETF policy to defer to Netscape. If a vendor can control
| the process, why are we bothering to work on a standard?

As Amanda knows, the avowed purpose of most standards organizations is to codify existing practice. Certainly one of the normal working rules is to make every reasonable effort to avoid colliding with existing practice.

Would anyone care if the table spec made the official attribute "BORDERSTYLE" instead of "BORDER"?


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