Re: draft-ietf-html-table...

Mike Meyer (
Fri, 4 Aug 95 01:36:22 EDT

> Lou Montulli wrote:
> BORDER=0 is a "border" case. Since we allowed for an integer value
> we had to have some behavior when it was set to zero. People should
> not use BORDER=0, they should instead be leaving BORDER out entirely
> since that will render correctly in all browsers.

Then why does NetScape suggest a usage for BORDER=0 on their table
documentation page
( It says:

Second, by explicitly setting border to zero they regain that
space originally reserved for borders between cells, allowing
particularly compact tables.

If we're going to have a BORDER attribute at all (it arguably belongs
in the style sheet), making it follow NetScape makes sense. More
control is given in the style sheet.

Specifically, the DTD for table should read:

border NUMBER #implied

and it defaults to 0 (no border). Whether that's NetScape BORDER or
BORDER=0 is up to the implementer. Fine control will go in the style