Aug 4 draft of HTML 2.0

Daniel W. Connolly (
Fri, 4 Aug 95 14:22:04 EDT

OK... I've spun a new draft.

Joe: could you do your magic and whack out another .txt rendition?
source distribution is:

Mark: would you update the validation service with the new public text?
I've tarred it all up at:

Changes in the 04 August 1995 Revision:

forms: fixed typo, info on multiple values, as
per Paul Burchard's suggestion at Sun, 16 Jul
95 20:10:35 EDT.
Terms: revised URI, base URI definitions a
bit as a result of BASE thread on html-wg.
BASE: restored some old wording about
base, as per

Message-Id: <>
From: Owen Rees
Subject: Re: Is this use of BASE kosher?

Public Identifiers: s/should/must/, since user
agents are only required to support the lists
declarations, conforming documents must use
Removed URI defintion from DTD, since it's
in the prose of the spec.
Fixed REL/REV linktypes as per Roy
Fielding's suggestion
Revised hyperlink section, especially
treatment of base URI.
Updated references, since [RELURL] is now

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