Re: Separation of presentation and structure

Brian Behlendorf (
Fri, 4 Aug 95 18:26:33 EDT

On Fri, 4 Aug 1995, Eric W. Sink wrote:
> There's a LOT of money pouring into the WWW right
> now, and that money is generally not coming from people who care about
> separation of structure and presentation. The Web community has lovingly
> grabbed onto many decidedly non-SGML-ish ways of doing things, because when
> it comes right down to it, most webmasters do not care at all about the
> 'SGML Way' or style sheets. They want presentation control.

Presentation control is entirely compatible with "the 'SGML Way'" - that's
they whole point of style sheets. <record broken="yes">The fact that not
very many people know about that has everything to do with the lack of
compelling applications that make use of that separation. It's the old
"show, don't tell" philosophy of course, but with a twist. Unfortunately it
looks like the people who would be building these compelling applications are
interested in following rather than leading.</record>


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