Re: Internet Draft for FIG

Larry Masinter (
Sat, 5 Aug 95 02:49:09 EDT

> Thus, one solution would be to add a FRAGREF attribute to the standard
> set of HTML3 linking attributes. The FRAGREF attribute's value should
> be an address, such that the entity representing that address will serve
> as the "fragment id" for the main addressing attribute of that element.

This wouldn't be a bad idea. Does anyone want to peek under the HYTIME
lid while we're at it?

> However, this scheme would really require proper definition of cid: URIs,
> and proper MIME multipart support, in order to work efficiently.

This doesn't follow, though. I think the two ideas are completely
orthoginal. That is, you might want to deliver a resource as
multipart/related with content-id's identifying subsequent parts and
cid: URLs used as the link. You could do that today with the current
HTML spec, and the current HTTP spec, and just a new URL registered
scheme and a different browser profile.