Re: Still not working (Let's take a poll...)

Alex J. Bernardin (
Sun, 25 Jun 1995 23:01:19 -0400

Pete Fanning writes:
> > -- wrapper was made by root, and I used the POSIX settings UID:1
> > GID:202 (the majordomo group) CHOWN:root and CHMOD:4755
> The only thing I did different from you in the above is that I
> created BOTH a user and group called majordom and assigned the UID
> and GID appropriately. You appear to be specifying user daemon as
> the UID. I have no idea if this even matters, I'm just pointing out
> what I did differently. Other than that....the CHOWN and CHMOD are
> correct for wrapper.

-- Point taken. I actually do have a user majordomo, and all of the
files are in that account's home dir. Setting UID to majordom doesn't
change the error, though...