Re: Embedded multipart/x-mixed-replace;

Lou Montulli (
Mon, 19 Jun 1995 16:06:23 -0700

On Jun 19, 2:28pm, Matthew J Gering wrote:
> Subject: Embedded multipart/x-mixed-replace;
> How do I make a dynamic area within a static document?
> I've tried using multipart/mixed, but Netscape doesn't recognize that
> MIME type.
> What I want is a Server Push within a static document. I know how to do
> this with <IMG SRC...>, but I want to do this with text/html. If I reload
> the whole page with multipart/x-mixed-replace as the primary document type
> it causes the whole screen to flash because Netscape clears the screen
> and reloads every push (which is every couple milliseconds, so it is
> quite annoying).
> Multipart/mixed seems the most logical method, with the x-mixed-replace
> document placed in between text/html, but as I said, Netscape
> (Mozilla/1.1N) doesn't recognize that type.

Unfortunatly it can't be done with server push. Small image animations
work because images can be inlined. There is currently no client mechanism
to inline HTML. Hopefully in the future there will be a standard for
inlining HTML and other arbitrary data types.


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