Proposed HTML 2.0 Entities - Rendering Errors

Murray Altheim (
Tue, 27 Jun 1995 13:56:26 -0400

I took the character entity list from the Connolly/Berners-Lee June 16th
2.0 DTD and tested the entity list in Netscape and Mosaic on the Macintosh.

On displaying a number of character entities using 12 point Times in Mosaic
or Netscape on a Macintosh, a number of these entities do not display

This is sometimes due to a character mapping error within the browser,
other times due to the character being unavailable within the particular
or within the Macintosh character set. This was not meant to be a browser
test. Following is a document demonstrating the errors found:

I'm interested in a dialog on solutions to rendering these characters
correctly on platforms that do not have the correct mappings, either due to
OS, font, or browser problems. Few people in the US need to use the
Icelandic "Eth", but quite a few of these entities would be very valuable
additions to our global repertoire if we could find a way to display them.

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