Re: Netscape's TITLE/BODY crawl/dissolve hacks done right?

Kief Morris (
Fri, 30 Jun 1995 09:51:51 -0400

At 05:20 AM 6/30/95 -0700, Walter Ian Kaye wrote:
>Since having multiple <TITLE> and <BODY> tags is broken HTML (how's that
>for an understatement?), here's a suggestion for using attributes

Are you talking about the "Server Push" Netscape 1.1 implements using
Multipart content types? If so, the concept isn't that there's one
document with multiple <TITLE> and <BODY> tags, but that there are
multiple documents. I think it's better to go along the lines of
existing standards (MIME) rather than inventing new ones whenever

If you're not talking about "Server Push", then I'm curious about
what you are talking about that has the behavior you described.
It's impossible to keep track of what everyone's cooking up.