Re: censored formfeeds

Mike Meyer (
Fri, 30 Jun 95 11:48:06 PST

> > There should be nothing in an HTML
> >document that is specific to a particular device.
> How is the <a> tag implemented on the printer - it is very specific
> to the interactive platform.

No, it isn't specific to the interactive platform. If you use bad HTML
printing software (i.e. - what's built into most browsers), it ignores
it. That's always an option. Good software can be configured to
present the URL inline, or to make it a footnote or endnote.

> It is a question of what other people get when they print out
> the things that I present on the web.
> In a plaintext document (like report from a database) I might put a comment
> "Print this document as HTML then page headers will stay in place"
> In Mosaic you can choose to print as HTML but some browsers dont offer
> that and if there is a document with mixed markup text and plaintext or pre
> then I will get all the markup printed so this is no solution.

Like I said, most browsers have lousy printing software. The solution
is to beat on the authors of the browsers to provide better software.
Until they fix things, a work-around is to provide a postscript or
flat text version of the page, formatted the way you want it.