Re: Suppress scroll bars - an idea

Chris Tilbury (
Mon, 3 Jul 1995 13:06:34 BST

Mike Batchelor once wrote:
> > >> >I have a suggestion for another style attribute: no-scrollbars. I don'
> > >> >know about any of you, but I find it tiresome to use a scrollbar on a long


Later, he wrote:
> Ummmm.... Then perhaps I have misunderstood the <style> tag. I thought
> this was a place where the author could offer presentation suggestions,
> which the browser could implement, if it can, or if it was appropriate for
> the platform. Obviously, to-scroll-or-not-to-scroll has no meaning for a
> text-to-speech browser, and probably for lots of other applications.

I don't think you've misunderstood the style tag; it certainly is a
more appropriate place for something like this than the actual
document itself. However, something like this, which is so utterly
browser dependent, isn't really anything to do with the "style" of the
document, more to do with the "style" of the browser.

> All I was suggesting was a way for an author to suggest to the browser
> that it should paginate the document, rather than scroll it, if the
> document was too long to fit on a single screen.

I'd suggest that prompting the author of (insert your favourite
browser here) to include an option to remove the scrollbar and to
implement some form of "Page" metaphor instead, for navigation
purposes, would be a better approach. (If they want other examples,
tell them to get Softquad Panorama Free, and implement a <H*>
based navigator pane like that :-).



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