Re: fwd:Fonts

Mike Batchelor (
Wed, 5 Jul 1995 21:54:32 -0400 (EDT)

Paul Prescod once wrote...
> > > <EM> *might* work... what if I want all occurences of a certain word
> > > to appear in small caps? No character-level tag I know of is a good
> > > substitute for small caps.
> You do not need this. HTML is an SGML language. SGML supports entities.
> Entities do what you ask. You just make a &prodname; entity and the
> browser should do the rest. Your &prodname; entity can have all of the
> formatting you need.

I predict that when HTML 3 is more widely adopted and Netscape is a bad
memory, <font> fans will start doing <H1>H<small>EY</small>
L<small>OOK</small> W<small>HAT</small> I C<small>AN</small>

Sorry to be such a pessimist. I've been reading comp.infosystems.www.*
lately. :(

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