Re: making old text publicly available on the web

Dmitry Mishin (
Thu, 6 Jul 1995 20:27:05 +0400

In message <v01510107ac21b3a68cce@[]> Michal Young writes:

>At 10:03 AM 7/6/95, wrote:

>>I have very basic needs and I think HTML should meet those needs
>>without style sheets. There are things that do not belong on the same
>>page. I need HTML to say something about pageing which I can expect
>>the general browser that the public will be using to support.

>As mentioned above, the closest equivalent is to produce one html file for
>each page. (That's why they are often called "web pages.")

This is an easy task for documents with plain structure, and more
complex for converting hierarhical one. Content tables for each level
can't close a problem.

>>I dont need a special tag if the standard says that browsers should
>>have as an option in printing a skipp to a new page on <DIV>
>>or on <DIV CLASS=something> or something of that kind.
>>Is that cluttering up the standard?

<DIV CLASS=someting ID=partid> - would be ideal, because solve problem
with crossreferences and scripts, realizing such paging and hrefs.