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Marc Shifflett (
Sat, 8 Jul 1995 14:51:42 -0400 (EDT)

On Fri, 7 Jul 1995, Murray Altheim wrote:

> Chris Tilbury ( wrote:
> [well written call for keeping HTML simple...]
> >In my mind, there is no need to alter the HTML markup elements in
> >order to fulfill the charting requirements - leave it as-is.
> >Stylesheets provide us with all we need, and they keep it out of the
> >actual HTML standard, which is a Real Good Thing, IMHO. :-)
> I wish everyone felt the way you do. I'm still waiting for:
> <KITCHEN SINK aroma="food.cheese.gouda">ad for AT&T</KITCHEN SINK>
> which would render it in three dimensions, put on your VR glasses for you
> and insert the content into your head *permanently* in 17.4 point
> SemiBoldItalic Palatino, color = 20967 25446 65535, fully justified and
> kerned slightly toward Mars. Oh, and you'd smell a faint aroma of mild
> cheese, unless your browser had that option turned off (that would be
> aroma=FALSE in Netscape).
> Of course, with lynx, it would be rendered: "ad for AT&T"
> Huzzah (insert similar ejaculation).
> Not that anybody will necessarily notice, but I'll be in the mountains for
> the next two weeks, unresponsive to anything but cold beer and black flies.

I can't help to respond to what I feel is the essence of such
things...bravo...don't stay in the mountains too long you might not want to
return to the madding crowd...I'm all for debate and change but it seems
HTML is running the risk of becoming far too "special" and thus losing its
inherent simplicity.

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