Questions on HTML 3.0 math specs

Thore Husfeldt (
Thu, 13 Jul 1995 12:21:27 +0300

Can someone point me to information on HTML 3.0 math besides what is
found in the draft specifications on (say)

and the "Inspiration" pages linked to from the Arena help page?

I ask because the logic behind some of the decisions taken eludes me.
Why, to take a prominent example, is the integral sign stretchable?

Several other issues strike me as unsatisfying; most are easily fixed
details, others are major shortcomings. Before investing the work to
write up a long argument pro and con these issues I would like to find
how they came about. I might, after all, be missing obvious points or
ignoring important details.

I assume there has been some discussion going on to arrive at the
specification. Some other mathematicians must have thought about
this. Are these thoughts archived somewhere? I have checked the
archives of this list and some related resources, but without succes.

Any help appreciated,

Thore Husfeldt,