Re: <FIG> implies <P>?

Terry Allen (
Thu, 13 Jul 1995 10:13:14 -0700

| I hate speaking for Dave, but he's no where near caught up with
| his mail...
| During the white-board discussion that Dave and I had, we discussed
| this sort of thing, including the way FrameMaker allows you to
| align figures all sorts of fancy ways with respect to the paragraph
| in which they're anchored.
| We considered the possibility of expressing the above situation as:
| <p>The bond angle between the two oxygen-hydrogen
| bonds in water is slightly larger than that
| between two carbon-hydrogen bonds in methane
| (see <a href="fig1">figure 1</a>)<spot id=fig1anchor>. This
| is due to the two extra pairs of free electrons around the
| oxygen atom, which take up more space than the bound
| pairs.</p>
| <fig src="molecules.jpg" id="fig1" align="right" at="fig1anchor">
| figure 1 shows models of CO2 and H2O molecules
| </fig>
| This way, the content models aren't changed: <FIG> is still a
| peer of <P>. But the <spot> element allows the author to suggest
| where the figure should be anchored in the paragraph.
| Do you think that would work?

Looks good to me, although I'd put that SPOT after the period. What
might be tricky is specifying where in relation to SPOT the FIG
goes, as in different renderings SPOT may be anywhere on a line.
Purely as a suggestion: the line containing SPOT is completed
before the FIG is rendered.


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