Re: Proposal for an Outlining Markup Scheme For HTML 3.0

Nancy O'Donnell (
Fri, 14 Jul 95 14:33:00 gmt

On July 13 1995 17:41 at 17:41, Chris Tilbury wrote
> Let's look at how these compare with elements already present in the
> HTML 3 draft[1]. Obviously enough, we have no <OUTLINE> element. The
> closest we can come to is one of
> <OL>, <UL>, or <DL>
> both of which generate lists of one form or another, and which all
> have the capability to be nested within each other (although how <DL>
> should behave when nested is rather unclear, since the "concept" of a
> definition does seem to rule out having further definitions within
> it.)
And again, later in the same correspondance:
> What we don't appear to have is an equivalent to the <OT> item,
> except for <DD> in a definition list - since the exact behaviour of a
> cascaded <DL> is rather undefined (do not the natures and semantics,
> if not syntax, of a definition list item rule out further definition
> lists within itself?), even this is a rather tenuous comparison.
My question is, should a cascaded <DL> not be defined - at least for a
second level? For example, if you have a term that is defined as a union of
other terms, it could make sense to provide a summary definition of the two

subitems in a second-level definition list. Of course, this example assumes
the author wishes to maintain hierarchical groupings of the terms and not
link to other terms at the same level.

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