Re: color: NCSA Mosaic, Netscape, and HTML3
Mon, 17 Jul 95 21:35:39 -0600

< Jack Beslanwitch once wrote...
< >
< > Mike,
< > I could be wrong about this, but I seem to remember that the body
< > background elements including the text colors elements implemented in
< > Netscape are in the html 3.0 dtd or at least one of them that I read. The
< > main elements that are clearly not in the dtd are blink and embed. Again, I
< > could be wrong on this, but I believe this to be so.
< I just checked the DTD again, and the only BODY attribute is background,
< which indicates a URI for a texture tile for the document background. No
< text colors, link colors, vlink colors, etc. Yet the NCSA WinMosaic pages
< say they all are part of HTML v3.

Yes. Infact, the english spec (rather than the DTD) states that text colors
*MAY* need to be adjusted, but earlier on it says that background is only
for the benefit of clients that do not support style sheets.

I.e. Style sheets are the right way.

Netscape color extensions (like many other netscape extensions) are hot air
and presumptiously defined.

Unfortunately, style sheets are still being defined :)

For everybodies entertainment, I include the background definition text:

BACKGROUND This can be used to specify a URI for an image tile to cover the
document background. This provides a way of giving a group of documents
a distinctive appearance. Clients may ignore this attribute. It is
included here for the benefits of clients that don't support style sheets.
Note that the text color may need to be adjusted to show an adequate
contrast with the background.

-Brandon Gillespie-