Re: In-line HTML files?

Keith Rogers (
Thu, 20 Jul 1995 10:46:49 +0900

At 7:50 AM 7/19/95 +0100, Jon Wallis wrote:
>>Is there some facility in HTML for automatically including another HTML
>>file within a main HTML file, much like the IMG tag includes a graphics file?
>>This would allow small sections of information which are changed regularly
>>to be kept in a separate file while still being integrated into a basic

[example snipped]
>If you can use "server-side includes" they do *exactly* what you want.
>I use them to include "boiler-plate-text" on documents, such as common text
>and logos
>at the top of pages and copyright, credits and navigational links at the
>Includes are just a "comment" line that instructs the server to insert the
>named file at the include position before sending it to the client. Include
>files can contain any vaild html.

All of the responses I have received for this have indicated methods by which
a file on the *same machine* can be included. What I actually had in mind was
that the file to be included would be on a *remote machine*. Is there any way
to do this? My impression is that the server-side includes will not cover
this functionality. Of course, since no one has told me where I can get
describing server side includes, I may be mistaken.