Re: color: NCSA Mosaic, Netscape, and HTML3

Jari Ollikainen (
Fri, 21 Jul 1995 12:40:19 -0600

>...>Wow, are you guys out of touch with reality or what!
>...>In case you hadn't noticed, Netscape is running on almost 5
>...>million desktops with a 60% market share. Most of the Web
>...>page designers that I work with, and I work with many,
>...>include Netscape extensions without thinking twice about it.
>...>In this case, the tail is definitely waving the dog. Those
>...>who ignore dominant market share in an increasingly commercial
>...>WWW are bound to be swept right off the playing field.
>Hm. There are still those for whose Internet is a useful tool, not a
>playing field in a dollar-winning game. You may be right as long as
>you talk about users whose sole ambition is to create "a k00l
>homepage", but what about those who use the web seriously? With SGML

So what. I think those pages are merely for fun and practise, I might
mistaken here but I doubt!

>as an ever-expanding standard of electronic information exchange
>anybody who wants to take advantage of available functionality has no
>choice but to become a purist (and I mean industry, not personal "k00l
>pages"). My guess: in a few years the web will be 90% colourful
>Netscape-induced trash (worthless HTML), and 10% sites that will
>_really_ use the net... And then I hope people will start notice how
>much they've missed chasing fancy backgrounds.
What if there is color in pages... I don't mind, beside you can allways
skip those color settings or skip the whole page if ya don't like 'em!
Anyway this whole discusion about color in pages is all wrong, I belive
that since it's now here it might as well stay.

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