Re: HyTime in WWW? (Cliff Joslyn)
From: (Cliff Joslyn)
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Subject: Re: HyTime in WWW?
To: (Tim@GIBBS.GSFC.NASA.GOV Berners-Lee)
Date: Thu, 9 Jul 92 10:13:29 EDT
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> I have to admit that although I have skip-read HyTime I am not
> an expert. Charles Goldfarb suggested we write a generic HyTime
> engine, but my impression was that most of HyTime we didn't
> want (Finite coodinate systems, for example). 

Yes, us too. But my impression is that the INTENTION of HyTime is to
be able to use whichever portions are appropriate. Certainly
hypertext-only applications were envisioned. Personally, I think that
HyTime's alinks are the most elegant link structures I've seen.
They're completely generic n-ary relations.

The gain would be standard adherence for  long-run compatibility. I'd
hate to start marking our nodes up in your HTML only to find it's of
limitted compatibility with the world 10 years from now.

Thanks for the reply. I'm glad that Newcomb is involved. What's the
best way to keep informed about how W3 is proceedingd? Just
periodically reading the "What's New" node? Or do you have a separate
pamil or email list?

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