improved printing of WWW files

Jim Davis <>
Date: Wed, 4 Nov 1992 16:48:34 -0500
From: Jim Davis <>
Message-id: <>
Subject: improved printing of WWW files
If you can't quite manage to live without hardcopy, you may
wish sometimes to print WWW files.  I have written a couple
of scripts to do this.  They are particularly useful with
Pei Wei's excellent Viola WWW browser.

A tar archive is available for anonymous FTP:

It contains:

html2latex.sed (modified version of original CERN version)

The hardest part was writing the perl script to obtain documents
via http protocol - turns out you cant just run pipes through telnet.

The conversion from HTML to LaTex is not really robust yet - 
this  is doubly hard since there is no guarentee that the HTML
is legal.  But at least it works for my test cases.  No doubt
it will be improved in time.

best wishes