HTML+, tables, math, lists

Denys Duchier <>
Date: Wed, 3 Nov 93 19:52:39 -0500
From: Denys Duchier <>
Message-id: <9311040052.AA17630@csi.UOttawa.CA>
Subject: HTML+, tables, math, lists
I use HTML and xmosaic as a delivery mechanism for lecture notes and I
should like to encourage developers not to give up too soon on some of
the fancier bits in the HTML+ proposal.

1. I dearly miss tables.  I'd rather have a less ambitious table
   mechanism than none at all.  For example, I could easily do without
   the "row spanning" capability; I would be happy to supply the width
   of a text cell (or column) in, say, em units; etc...

2. I am desperate for some simple math capability, e.g. subscripts,
   superscripts, fractions, sums, ... I wish more symbols were made
   available, e.g. math symbols and greek letters; also `prime' -- I
   really miss that one a lot.

3. I _really_need_ control over the labeling of items in a list.  The
   HTML+ proposal suggests that LI should have a SRC attribute.  While
   this is a good idea, in the vast majority of cases, I simply want
   to supply a string to use as the label (e.g. "2b.i").  Could we
   please give LI an N attribute wich could be used to specify an
   explicit label, e.g. <LI N="2b.i">.  [I think TEI also suggests a
   LABEL element that can serve as an alternative way of specifying an
   item's label].