Re: NCSA httpd 1.0

"Andre Doles" <>
Date: Mon, 13 Dec 93 10:42:14 EDT
From: "Andre Doles" <>
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Subject: Re: NCSA httpd 1.0
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     If anybody gets this running under A/UX, I'd love to know how you do 
     it.  Likewise for the 2.1 X-Mosaic...  Or anything else for that 
     matter!!! Need I say more?
                        Andre' Doles
                        Space & Naval Warfare Systems Command HQ

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Subject: NCSA httpd 1.0
Author: (Rob McCool) at SMTP-GW
Date:    12/13/93 1:30 AM

NCSA httpd 1.0 is now available at URL or 
via FTP from in /Web/ncsa_httpd/httpd_1.0.
This is the first non-alpha release, which explains why the version number 
is actually readable. If you have been waiting to upgrade your server, 
this should be the release to do it with.
Several minor things have changed since 1.0a5, please see the
upgrade notes at if you are 
upgrading a server. 
Really quickly: 
   o the htbin stuff is no longer distributed, CGI/1.0 versions of your old
     favorites are included instead 
   o the NCSA script interface (htbin) is still supported via
     OldScriptAlias, with the default ScriptAlias pointing to CGI scripts.
   o A CGI version of imagemap is included, the only differences
     being that you have to manually set the config. file location if your 
     ServerRoot is not /usr/local/etc/httpd, and that the file references in 
     *.map are virtual instead of physical now. 
   o The AddType directive now works
   o NCSA POST scripts have REMOTE_HOST set
As usual, comments/questions to