New version of the HTML-mode for the lemacs (Heiko Muenkel)
Date: Wed, 15 Dec 93 15:10:35 +0100
From: (Heiko Muenkel)
Message-id: <>
Subject: New version of the HTML-mode for the lemacs
Content-Length: 2765

I've written a new version (3.0) of my extensions to the html-mode from Marc
Andreessen for the Lucid Emacs (lemacs). The name of the package is
You can find it on the following ftp server: in /pub/www/contrib in /pub/Linux/apps/editors/emacs/
			or /pub/Linux/Incoming
	and in a few days on: in /pub/unix/editors/lemacs/contrib

The package has now a lot of functions for HTML+ and for special features
of the NCSA http daemons like forms and server side include commands.

It provides functions to insert the following stuff in html-pages:
1. Anchors:
	html link, info link, gopher link, file link;
	ftp link, news link, mail link, wais (direct) link,
	wais (gateway) link;
	proggate link, local proggate link, general link;
	link target;
2. Frame elements:
	full html frame with html, head, body, title, header and signature
	elements or only the single elments;
	html 'created'- and 'changed'- comments;  
	the current date in the title; 
3. Structure elements:
	menu or list item, menu, unordered list, ordered list, directory list;
	description list, description title, description entry;
	new paragraph, new line, horizontal rule;
4. for preformated text:
	without links, with links, blockquote, listing;
5. formatting:
	bold, italic, underline, typewriter,
	emphasized, strong, code, sample, keyboard, variable, definition,
	citation, html comment;
6. include:
	top aligned image, middle aligned image, bottom aligned image;
	server side include commands for files, commands and commands
	with parameter;
7. forms:
	text and password fields, checkbox, radio, submit and reset buttons;
	option menus, scrolled lists and option entries;

If it makes sense, the functions worked also on selected regions. Therefore 
I've used the same menu items and the same keystrokes. So you don't need to
learn different menus or keys for similar functions.
You can choose the popup menus between an expert menu, an novice menu and
the menu from Marc Andreessen interactive.
With the pulldown menu, you can do the following things:
- select the pulldown menu
- change the highlighting of html tags
- quotify hrefs
- reload the config files
- load html templates from a template directory (one template is included
  in the package)
- preview html documents with the xmosaic
- preview html documents with the w3 package for the lemacs

You can configure the html mode with a special configuration file for your site
and with another file specific for a user.

The html is under developement and therefore also this package is under
developement. So, if you have any ideas to extend the package, feel free to
email them to