WAIS -> WWW Gateway and Titles (fwd)

Bob Kaehms <kaehms@sedbsvr.se.ssd.lmsc.lockheed.com>
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From: Bob Kaehms <kaehms@sedbsvr.se.ssd.lmsc.lockheed.com>
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Subject: WAIS -> WWW Gateway and Titles (fwd)
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> Has anyone developed a WAIS to WWW gateway that will present a
> user-friendly title (i.e. the text between <TITLE> and </TITLE>)
I've got one.  You use PATH_INFO to set things like the Title.  Right now
I have a problem with letting it out on the net, and am trying to figure
out a way to get around the legal hassles.  Am thinking of writing a little
article for some technical pub where I can just release the code.  Corporations
encourage publications, discourages sharing software.  Anyone else out there
have this problem, and or solutions?