Weird non-problem

Simon E Spero (
Tue, 5 Jul 1994 06:44:19 +0200

I've just spent about 90 minutes trying to track down a problem with my server
only to find that it looks like the problem is with the client I was trying.
Anybody have any ideas?

I was getting ready to cut a preliminary release, and decided to put in a
skeleton bgi handler that could be used as a template. The example I
decided to use was a simple counter that would generate an html document
indicating how many times the handler had been called.

The module compiled and loaded fine, and when I tested it by telneting to the
port, everything looked fine. However, when I tried using the version of
xmosaic 2.2 I have on my linux box at home, I noticed that the counter was
being incremented by 2 each time. Checking the logs, I saw that xmosaic was
generating two queries for each URL - one with HTTP/1.0, the other with
HTTP/0.9. I checked the headers, dumped them out and looked for suspicious
invisible characters, and even tried cutting the headers down to the bare
minimum; nothing seemed to make any difference.

I then tried accessing the server using lynx; that seemed to work fine. finally
I started a copy of xmosaic on a sunos machine, using X over slip (not a
real time environment). This also seemed to work fine.

Can anybody think of what could cause this problem; is it a bug in the
linux xmosaic of that ilk, or could it be a timing problem?