Re: BGI-spec 1.4
Wed, 6 Jul 1994 07:14:30 +0200

> I suppose using Posix threads rather than a proprietary
> implementation or several is out of the question? Just in the
> interests of long term portability. OSF/1 on our KSR has Posix
> threads - so, oddly, does the workstation on my desk, which runs
> OpenVMS.

Full Posix threads are way more complicated than what is needed here I

> > You can't use stdio streams in bi-directional mode, but you could
> > fdopen() two files, one for reading and one for writing. For the file
> > zapper, simply fflush() the stdio file and to a write() to its
> > fileno() -- this is well-defined according to Posix and I'm sure also
> > in practice.
> Does that count as agreement?

I was arguing in favor of using stdio streams to encapsulate the
buffering. Simin hasn't said yes or no about this yet.

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