imagemap points and filters

Craig Milo Rogers (Rogers@ISI.EDU)
Thu, 7 Jul 1994 07:16:54 +0200

I've made an addition to imagemap. If one or more "point"
entries appear in the list, and no region-based (ie, non-point) entry
succeeds, the closest (in the usual metric) point will be selected.

This is really great for demos! No more worries about radii,
or positioning boxes just so, ot that areas may be left uncovered.
Just find the center of each of your targets, write them down, etc.

I have a second modification which I found useful. I created
a version of imagemap as a filter: input coordinates on the command
line, mapping commands on standard input, result on standard output.

I have three questions for the group:

1) Has anyone else made changes like these? If so, I
apologize for the redundancy. :-)

2) Is there interest in these changes? In particular, are the
writers of high-performance servrs or imagemap-creating tools
interested in adding "point" to their repertoire?

3) If there is interest, how shall I post the mods?

1) advertise a URL?

2) post diffs or all of imagemap (it's small, after all)
to www-talk?

3) submit modified source to NCSA, CERN, etc.?

4) Are Kevin Hughes or Rob McCool maintaining an "official"
master copy of imagemap?

Thanks very much.

Craig Milo Rogers