Re: Faster HTTP

Michael A. Dolan (
Thu, 7 Jul 1994 15:37:02 +0200

At 08:48 PM 7/6/94 +0200, Mary Morris wrote:
>One observation that I have made is that http
>doesn't gracefully share slow ie 14.4k lines.
>If I am loading a large item (picture, tarfile
>or anything 30k or more) and I start receiving
>an email the http download will pause. After the
>message has completed it may take as long as
>two minutes before the data picks up where
>it left off.
>I have done two simultaneous anon ftps on the
>same line and they seem to share the transfers
>fairly equally so I think that the OS (Solaris 2.3)
>does a good job of allocating bandwidth.
>Faster HTTP to me would be cutting down that
>pause in transmission if possible, or making it
>a tuneable item.

HTTP is just another TCP connection. How can your networking software
which round robins the connections tell the difference between this and
an FTP data connection ?

I use serial networking to a Windows PC and do not see the problem you
mentioned above. Perhaps it is related to your flavor of networking
software ?

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