Registration for 2nd Int'l WWW Conf Fall '94

Tom Watt (
Thu, 7 Jul 1994 18:00:52 +0200

This is to announce the OSF Research Institute's .html page for
The Second International WWW Conference Fall '94:

Registration for the conference is being handled by the OSF RI.

Note1: The registration process does not handle HOTEL reservations.
You MUST make your own reservations at the hotel.

Note2: The deadline for paper abstracts has been extended to August 10.
Final accepted papers due September 15.

The on-line registration process went live on 6 July at just before
12:30 PM EDT with both fill-out forms (for forms-capable browsers),
and a text version of the registration form (otherwise) which can be
emailed or FAXed.

Email text version of Registration Form to:
Please DO NOT email text registration forms to
Registration inquiries, or FAX only text registration forms;

Sandy Caldwell
2nd Int'l WWW Conference Fall '94 Admin
Phone: (617)621-7339
FAX: (617)621-8696
Inquiries regarding Call For Papers (CFP):

Barbara Kucera
Phone: (217)244-0131
FAX: (217)244-1987