Header nesting style question

Ken Fox (fox@pt0204.pto.ford.com)
Mon, 11 Jul 1994 19:41:05 +0200

I don't see many style questions come across this list, but what the heck.
Maybe someone will have good advice...

I have a document covering technical material. The outline is rather deeply
nested (up to four levels.) In a paper document I'd have no problems. The
document would appear as:


I want to hyperlink to sections (possibly subsections too) instead of
creating giant chapter files. This would appear as:

<a href="section-number"><h2>Section</h2></a>

It reads a lot like an annotated table of contents.

The question I have lies in the structuring of the section documents. Do
those documents have initial headings at level <h1> or <h3>? I'm planning
on repeating the <h2> heading that links to the section document. Should
this be the <title> or the first heading? Both?

I want to provide consistent visual clues as to document structure, but I
don't want to duplicate lot's of text. The more duplicated text there is
the harder it will be for me to maintain. I'm asking my target audience
these same questions but they don't have enough experience with hypertext to
have a preference. (Yet...)

Thanks in advance,

- Ken

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