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Mon, 18 Jul 1994 15:20:37 +0200

On Mon, 11 Jul 1994 said:

> Could we all get a run down of what you think the best "conversion
> programs" are? On the three major OS's (Unix, Mac, DOS).
> ...
> I have a feeling that many of us are still creating and maintaining
> HTML documents manually. In my view, the reason for this is that:
> 1) There is not a basic "Do this and Don't do That" document
> regarding HTML creation. ...
> 2) Conversion programs are not adequately emphasized or publicised.
> Perhaps one of you guru's could come up with a layman's
> interpretation of the latest HTML spec, come up with some guidlines
> for HTML writers to comply to the current and future standards, and
> emphasize which "conversion programs" to use and how to use them
> effectively.

Perhaps this discussion shouldn't be in this list (which is intended
primarily for developers) but there needs to be discussions between
software and protocol developers and those of us involved in user

I an setting up a RARE ISUS Task Force (RARE is the Association for
Research Network in Europe and ISUS stands for Information Services
and User Support) which will be cataloging and reviewing HTML
convertors and authoring tools. As described in my initial message,
shown below, I am looking for volunteers to help in the review process.
Note that I am looking for people who are willing to make an active

I would also be interested in hearing from anyone involved in the
development of HTML who would be interested in becoming involved
in the report - advice for developers of HTML authoring tools would be

Please email me directly (

Brian Kelly


Date sent: Fri, 8 Jul 1994 00:08:52 +0200
From: Brian Kelly <>
Subject: New ISUS Task Force - Tools For Information Providers
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At the WG-ISUS meeting held in Prague on 13-14th June it was agreed
to set up a new ISUS Task Force on Tools For Information Providers.
I agreed to lead the Task Force. I will be producing a charter for the
Task Force in the near future and producing a set of tasks, based on
discussions that were held at Prague and comments and suggestions
I receive from this list.

At the ISUS meeting it was agreed that the Task Force would initially
set out to produce a catalogue and review HTML authoring tools and
document convertors.

Anyone who is interested in reviewing these tools (which will include
programs such as HyperEdit, macros for Word and WordPerfect, Unix
authoring tools. HotMetal, rtftohtml, etc) should mail me, stating the type
of tools you would be willing to review (e.g. tools for the Mac or tools
which you have experience of).


My model of the target "Information Provider" is a researcher in a
department or an administrator in a department who wishes to make
material available on an Internet service.

Brian Kelly

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