Re: Two Webs?

Reed Wade (
Tue, 19 Jul 1994 13:47:29 +0200

> - the Mosaic-ites, which includes users that think that NCSA invented this
> whole thing and have never heard of Tim, and commercial developers who
> prefer not to mention the acronym "WWW" when talking about their version of
> Mosaic. To them, whatever NCSA says, goes. This group has been further
> fractured by the formation of Marc A's company, and appears to be headed
> the same way as other commercial applications, with competing proprietary
> products.

> NCSA/Mosaic people, is your plan
> to still conform to the standards developed here and by W3O?

This may or may not answer the question you're asking.

I met in person with the Mosaic people (the people at NCSA now) last
month and _they_ appear to be very commited to the open standards


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