Re: Two Webs?

Eric W. Sink (
Tue, 19 Jul 1994 19:08:27 +0200

>I hope this doesn't come across as tactless or gossipy, since the involved
>parties are here.

:-) :-)

>Are we seeing the beginnings of a rift in the WWW? ...

[ Gossipy text deleted ]

>Flame away; I'd like to be wrong.

Good, because I believe you are. Sorry, no flame though...

Everything I know about the scene *before* the mass exodus to Mountain View
is hearsay or history, but here's my view of the situation *now*:

1. NCSA's people definitely have a cooperative posture. I believe they
want to participate in the standards process just like everyone

2. I'm a commercial developer of Mosaic, and I mention the word WWW all
the time. I always credit TimBL/CERN with the invention of
the Web. I do not tout the WWW=Mosaic philosophy (and neither
does NCSA as far as I can see.)

3. It is NOT true that "to [Spyglass], whatever NCSA says, goes". We
have a strong working partnership with NCSA. We
also want to have strong ties to the other WWW players. Our
belief in the importance of group consensus is very strong.

>Now I probably shouldn't be throwing my unsubstantiated impressions out here in
>the open, ...

I'd probably agree.

>NCSA/Mosaic people, is your plan
>to still conform to the standards developed here and by W3O?

Yes. Of course, in addition to trying to adhere to the group
adopted standards, we'd also like to participate as members of
said group. :-)

>Will your software
>(commercial or public domain) be touted as a WWW product, or something entirely

What else would be call it? Mosaic *is* a WWW application.

[ Looking back on this message, it looks like I'm speaking for almost
everyone. Just to be clear -- this message gives MY perspective, MY
opinions, and nothing more. I'm not speaking *for* NCSA, Spyglass, or
CERN. Rather, I'm speaking, from my own viewpoint, *about* NCSA, Spyglass,
and CERN.]

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