Re: Two Webs?

Brandon Plewe (
Tue, 19 Jul 1994 23:48:39 +0200

Eric's non-flame is exactly what I wanted to see. I wasn't trying to say
that everyone who uses Mosaic or NCSA HTTPD is evil (I still think Mosaic/X is
the best all-around browser out there), just that some users, some server
maintainers, and some developers (thankfully, not NCSA itself or Eric) have a
tendency to overemphasize NCSA's (or Mosaic's) role and underemphasize the
efforts of CERN, W3O, and the rest of us here; either ignorantly or
purposefully. As far as I can see, this tendency seems to be increasing.

I'm sorry if my post didn't belong here. I thought this list dealt with the
conceptual future of the Web as well as technical implementation issues.

Doesn't it?