Re: We need to start talking about group and public annotations

Martin Roscheisen (rmr@cs.Stanford.EDU)
Wed, 20 Jul 1994 21:43:59 +0200

>And I'll just reinsert my comments made at the time
>that a new markup element is needed (FIGT came close in one of the
>proposals). Something that would be used as follows:
><h3>Meeting results</h3>
>And then we decided to use a bivalve framistan in the motor.
>I disagree with that decision for the following reasons...

> Jay Glicksman

This is only of value for the restricted case where annotations are inlined
by the server which serves the main document---a very special case given the
fact that I want to be able to annotate arbitrary html documents independent
of whether or not the document server allows annotations. However, it
does not harm to have a generic rendering element which puts things at the side

- Martin