Re: CD-based URL-resolving question

Michael A. Dolan (miked@CERF.NET)
Thu, 21 Jul 1994 19:31:00 +0200

At 12:54 PM 7/20/94 +0200, Frank Majewski wrote:

>I plan to create a multi-platform-CD (ISO9660) with oceanographic data
presentedby different WWW-browsers on different operating systems
>(Sun OS 4.1.3, Mac, MS-Windows, maybe more!).
>I don't want to create several distributions for each OS, they all should use
>ONE representation.
>But if the filenames in the URL are longer than 8 characters AND
>quite similar (i.e. having 'long' common prefixes), HOW they are
>resolved right? .......

Strict ISO 9660 (ie without the extensions) has limited filenames
(as well as a small allowable charset). If you stick to strict
ISO 9660 file/directory naming, it isn't a problem.

DOS/Windows does not support the extensions commonly found in UNIX CD
drivers, and hence will never understand long names.

If you *really* want it to work with long names, you could modify WinMosaic
to understand the "Rock Ridge" extensions, read the mapping file on the CD,

Personally, I would stick to ISO 9660 naming for multi-platform use and
rename the files. If they are all hyperlinks, users won't care/notice
what the filenames are.

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