Re: Information integration at client or server?
Fri, 22 Jul 1994 05:41:22 +0200

> But if we're going to try to boil the web down to one protocol,
> let's get it right:
> * cut out the TCP connection set-up time by using a UDP
> based protocol like prospero/ARDP.

We have a funny mix of interactions over the client-server path.
There are lots of fairly small transactions which possibly would be
handled better by a transaction oriented transport than with TCP.

On the other hand we move a lot of big files and this is where
the optimizations of TCP/IP can be really useful, especially the
changes made to avoid network congestion.

We should be careful. One of the big problems we've got in network
management is all the restrictions we bought into by using UDP
underneath SNMP. I'd prefer to avoid having to deal with
over-simplified transports.

> * put authentication and compression in the transport
> layer (ARDP).

Yes (to authenticaion and especially compression)!