Re: WWW Security mailing list

Chris Lilley, Computer Graphics Unit (
Fri, 22 Jul 1994 12:15:23 +0200

In message <>, Walt
Drummond ( said:

> We've decided to open this discussion
> up to the rest of the WWW community, and have created yet another
> mailing list.

These new mailing lists - are they archived anywhere? Good thing about www-talk
is that you can look back for similar threads. Or find something that didn't
interest you at the time, but does now.

My concern is that these new lists are not archived so if, for example, I need
to know about security issues in 3 months time, I cannot find out what has
already been worked through. If new lists are being archived, please say where;
if not, please state that fact so that people who are marginally interested can
subscribe and stuff the trafic into a mailbox against the time they need it.

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