RE: Waiting for HTML+ for executing LOCAL (serverless) scripts??

Frank Majewski (
Mon, 25 Jul 1994 16:21:37 +0200

Hi and thanks for replying so fast. I've got your msg BEFORE I've got the reply
of the talklist!

> Lynx accepts a URL of the form exec:..... As far as I am aware the URL is
> processed the same as any URL so it can be pointed at any file or script or
> executable locally or reemotely - providing a method of accessing the
> remote machine is also provided. An alternative URL of the form telnet:...
> is a local executable and calls the client's nearest telnet.exe (dos and
> vms).
I havn't seen Lynx yet but I will do it if I will ever have time to do it.

But, I think that your hint is only accessable to Lynx. I tried it using
XMosaic 2.4 and it seems that XMosaic wasn't able to resolve something like
'href=exec://localhost/DIRS/FILE' or
but our used CERN-SERVER instead prompted with an error msg that it is unable
to get the demanded file...
> Try experimenting with exec. I don't think it will execute anything but I
> do believe it can pperform a couple of tricks. I will experiment.
> Alastair. <-:< (
Trying to use a patched (DOS-) Telnet.exe (-> replacing by perl.exe or
something like that)
can't be used, because if I have a REAL TELNET://-request in another HTML-file
(on UNIX, e.g) I would get into perl... and I don't want to have OS-specific
(That's independant from having local OS-specific BROWSER-Configs, of course!)

BTW: I've read the URL-Doc's at CERN, but never found ANY spec on 'exec:' or
something else!

Thanks (and please forgive my bad English!)

Frank Majewski