Wav file and Mosaic client

Tue, 26 Jul 1994 22:54:03 +0200

The last question that I asked concerning Mosaic's use with WWW, one
person responded that it was the wrong forum and "take it elsewhere"
which I was certainly prepared to do --- then many other folks
responded to the question with useful answers.

So now I'm confused -- incluse Mosaic (or Lynx) questions or not. I'd
like some further direction (I would juts as soon have all questions
here and have mail readers sort them out) but I'll respond certainly
to the wishes of the majority.

In the meantime, another question about Mosaic and a .WAV file:

On a client system, running Mosaic version 3.2 and utilizing Win32,
EMMS386 and Windows Enhanced Mode on a 12MB Ram machine, the system
says that 80% of the systems resources are free. Yet a 3MB .WAV file,
when selected, "insists" on loading to the hard disk first before
going into RAM -- a very slow process!!.

Any ideas will be appreciated.