Re: POSTing (from mosaic for X)

Jay C. Weber (weber@eit.COM)
Mon, 1 Aug 1994 18:55:32 +0200

> Reply-To:
> We've had some discussions about how to get clients to be able to post
> files. I think the conclusion is that it is more useful for "input a
> file" to be a variation of INPUT rather than a variation of a tag.
> This keeps the method orthogonal from the kinds of things that might
> be submitted, and also allows for practice such as asking for more
> than one file.

Agreed, except for your assumption that we need to choose one best way
to POST. There are certainly multiple ways to do a GET.

My suggestion for method=POST anchors should be judged on
its own merits. That is, does it make sense from an HTML 2.0 standpoint?
Seems to, as it is similar to the use of FORM method=POST. Is is easy
to implement in browsers? I've satisfied myself that it is via the
Mosaic X mods. Is it easy to implement in servers? Yes, it is easy
to write CGI programs that accept it. Does it enable interesting and
important new applications? YES!

Having said that, I would be happy to abandon my approach if there is
activity on a practical alternative.