Re: Waiting for HTML+ for executing LOCAL (serverless) scripts??
Tue, 2 Aug 1994 17:57:29 +0200

Rick Troth writes:
>Bill Perry writes:
>> Basic syntax is
>> x-exec://progname/foo/bar/baz?blort
>> progname will be looked for in 'trusted' directories on your local
>> machine - no explicit paths are allowed. (So no x-exec://bin/rm/*)
> I'm not sure I understand. I thought we retained the syntax
>[user[:pass]@]host[:port] for the part after the double slash even for
>things like this. (news is throwing me for a loop on this same point)
>Doesn't look quite as "Uniform" as I had hoped. :-(
> Knowing that exec: means "run this command" and doesn't
>have any relation to a protocol, I can accept that host, user, etc
>information is meaningless. In that case, is it wrong to forbid
>the double slash? (enforcing a connection between double slash
>and host, user, etc type information.

I'm wide open to suggestions on how to implement the local execution.
I just put this support in because it was something Mosaic had that I
didn't at the time, and I simply can't have that, now can I? :)

-Bill P.